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 Poulsbo Compounding Pharmacy

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Poulsbo Compounding Pharmacy

Customized Medication Solutions…

Through the art and science of creating customized prescribed medications, Poulsbo Compounding Pharmacy is committed to excellence in providing high quality, personalized solutions and services for both you and your pets. 

There are times when manufactured medications do not meet the needs of the individual. This can be due to a variety of reasons. At our pharmacy, we customize or compound medications for each patient. By individualizing medications, we hope to help each person or animal to achieve optimal health. We, our team here at Poulsbo Compunding Pharmacy, are ready to serve you.

We do not specialize in commercial, manufactured products.  We offer a specialized service when those products do not meet the needs of our patients. Whether you are a physician or clinician practicing allopathic, osteopathic or naturopathic medicine, PA , ARNP, veterinarian or dentist we are here to help you and your patients achieve optimum health.

What is Pharmaceutical Compounding?

Pharmaceutical compounding has a very long and respected history. With roots in ancient times, the art of compounding involves combining natural ingredients with other powders and liquids to produce a medication/solution specific to the needs of the patient. Pharmaceutical compounding was the only means of dispensing medication up until the 20th century. Drug manufacturers eventually came in to place, producing drugs on a much greater scale then what pharmacists could do. By 1960, commercial medications became the norm. In recent times, however, and over the past several years, the art of compounding has returned with physicians, clinicians and patients realizing the many benefits of customized medications. 

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